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Give your child the experience of a lifetime attending summer camp in the USA or Canada

Families all around the world are discovering the uniquely valuable investment that a summer camp experience has for their child’s social and emotional development.

Summer Camp has the ability to impact and inspire young people to see and become their highest selves; to understand their true potential while practicing respect for self, others, and their environment; to explore leadership, perseverance, self-reliance in a safe, nurturing, yet adventurous and fun place- geared just for kids. 

Camp in North America is a long held tradition, and is an excellent option for a child’s first cultural immersion experience. Camp is safe, fun, relaxed, and active. The lifelong friendships and bonds formed at camp are exceptional and are the most remarkable about the unique experience.

Summer Camp is indeed a life-changing opportunity that CCUSA has been championing all around the world for over 30 years. Our Camper International Program serves international families who seek a high quality, personalized, and life- changing experience for their child.  Investing in a summer camp experience is investing in the social and emotional development of your child. Providing them an English language immersion and weeks of character development through Social Emotional learning is an even greater investment.

CCUSA is uniquely positioned to provide families assistance with every aspect of camp.

  • Individually Tailored, Unbiased Camp Recommendations
  • Collection of the highest quality, most respected summer camps throughout North America.
  • Thorough Understanding of camp best practices
  • Dedicated Staff in North America and Around the World
  • Trained, trusted, expert  consultants who listen to you and your child’s needs and preferences
  • Expert Preparation for Camp from research to enrollment, arrival and beyond.
  • Local and International Support

Program Highlights

  • Give your child the experience of a lifetime attending summer camp in the USA or Canada
  • Children aged 7-16 can attend a specialized summer camp between June and August throughout North America that is unique to their needs and your family's values
  • CCUSA focuses on your child’s needs, and does the work for you to ensure a great match with the right camp experience.
  • Select from 2 week sessions to full summer sessions at a range of summer camps of all types and offerings
  • Select the level of support you and your child will need from CCUSA in the preparation and travel to your camp
  • CCUSA’s unrivaled services prepare and support you and your child to ensure success and positive impact
I have a conviction that a few weeks spent at a well-organized summer camp may be of more value educationally than a whole year of formal school work.

- Charlies Eliot, the 21st president of Harvard University